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Augusta Precious Metals Review

Augusta Precious Metals Review

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a family-owned business that deals with gold and silver IRAs. The company started after the financial struggles of 2008 and beyond as a way to offer people a more stable investment option.

But what makes the company stand out? One of the things we like about the company is the fact that they have a customer support department that guides you through every step of your investment. Their dedication to stellar services has seen them impress several investors as seen on BBB and BCA.

If you need to purchase gold or silver from a gold IRA company, Augusta Precious Metals is one of the companies you should consider. We created this review to help you make the right decision when you need to invest in precious metals for your retirement account. Read on for more.

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How Did Augusta Precious Metals Start?

Augusta has been in business since 2012. It has offices in Casper, Wyoming, and they’ve been in business for more than 10 years now. According to the company, the specialists have a combined experience of more than 50 years.

One of the things that set the company apart is its commitment to customer support. Since its inception, Augusta has worked to better their services, making it easier for Americans to invest in gold and silver. When you invest with Augusta Precious Metals, you realize their stellar services from when you start the account creation process to your subsequent gold and silver purchases.

The management of the company also makes it successful. Below are three of the top officials in the company and their credentials:

Isaac Nuriani

Nuriani is the CEO of Augusta Precious Metals. Before joining Augusta, he was a financial advisor, helping seniors plan their retirement. His personal mission was to help seniors avoid the traps created by Wall Street and banks. He also wanted to help seniors escape the uncertainty of traditional IRA investments.

After many years of working with seniors, he started Augusta. The idea behind this gold IRA company was to educate seniors and the masses on how to protect their wealth through physical metals. He also wanted to offer them a simple platform that allowed them to invest in precious metals with ease.

He cultivated a culture of transparency and ethics, which have lasted Augusta in all its years of operation. Today, he is a member of and the ICTA (Industry Council for Tangible Assets). The graduate of the University of California grew up in a family where his parents invested in precious metals.

Howard Smith

Howard Smith is the acting CFO of Augusta. Before joining the company, he was in the banking and capital markets industry for more than 20 years. In 2008, he witnessed firsthand the volatility and the uncertainty that people faced.

He joined Augusta in 2018 with the goal of supporting Nuriani’s mission of helping people preserve their wealth. He is an expert in risk management, having worked for banks for at least two decades. His experience helps gold IRA investors avoid any risks that threaten their investments.

He graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics. He is also a certified CPA.

Devlyn Steele

Devlyn Steele serves as the senior economic analyst for Augusta. He leads a team of analysts who study the market to ensure your gold IRA investment is safe. Before joining Augusta, Devlyn was in economics and financial services for more than 30 years. While there, he was responsible for managing assets worth more than $2 billion.

His team is in charge of educating investors on the best ways to safeguard their wealth. Before 2008, Steele had predicted a global financial crisis and the subsequent rise in the prices of gold and silver.

In Augusta, Steele finds accurate data to help investors secure their future. Occasionally, he holds conferences to teach people more about precious metals investment. His conferences attract so many people, including Joe Montana, who is now Augusta Precious Metals’ brand ambassador.

What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Special?

From most of the reviews I saw online, investors love Augusta for the immense experience and knowledge that the management team has. Unlike other gold companies that offer gold IRA as one of the services, Augusta offers it as the main service.

They promise:

Total Transparency

The company offers all the information you need before you start investing and after you have invested. There are no hidden charges, and you can access your transaction information every time you need. Better still, they are always available to answer all your questions.


This is another of Augusta’s commitments that we have proven is true. The process of creating and accounting and buying precious metals is straightforward with Augusta. You will have a personal agent assigned to you to help open an account and start investing. The agent does most of the work and all you need to do is fill a few forms. Plus, they pre-select some metals for you.

Knowledge and Experience

Through conferences, the knowledge base of any of the other resources that that company offers, you will experience the knowledge of the customer support staff. The team of analysts under Devlyn Steele is available as long as your account is active, and you can ask them anything about gold IRAs.

How Easy Is It To Get Started with Augusta Precious Metals?

It is easy to create an account and start investing with Augusta. This is one of their strengths. Getting started takes only four steps:

Contact Augusta: You can contact the company online or call them through the number they provide. The business will connect you with an agent who will be your guide in creating an account. You can ask them everything you need, and they will be there to respond.
Precious Metals Guide: Your personal agent will direct you to analysts who will help you understand what is happening in the precious metals industry. If you are not sure whether a gold IRA is right for you, the analysts will give you the data you need to make your decision.
Processing: Once you make up your mind, the next step is to process your account. The IRA processing team is responsible for your custodian application, your rollover forms, and the transfer. Your agent and the processing team will notify you of the progress of the rollover every step of the way.
• Choose Metals: Once you have a custodian, your agent guides you on how to choose the pre-selected metals. You can send these metals to the storage location of your choice.

What Does Augusta Offer?

Augusta offers two main services:

• Gold and Silver IRA
• Gold and Silver Cash Purchases

If you have a traditional IRA, you can convert it into a gold IRA. The company offers IRS-approved precious metals, specifically gold and silver. Once you invest, your precious stones will be in an insured IRA-approved depository. You can visit the depository and see your metals.

Once you invest, you have all the control over your investment. You decide when to sell your precious stones and any other decision regarding your IRA.

If you just want to invest in gold and not have a retirement account, Augusta Precious Metals allows you to directly buy gold and silver from them. You will only need to create an account, transfer money into it, and make your order.

Augusta has pre-selected precious metals, and once you sign for the delivery, you will have the precious stones in your possession.

What about their lifetime customer support services?

Augusta doesn’t leave their customers after the initial purchase. They stay with you from when you create an account to the time you close it. At all times, customers have access to:

• A success agent to answer all your questions and direct you to other departments
• Analysts to help you with data on gold and silver markets and ensure you are up to date
• IRA processing agents to connect you to your custodian and handle all the paperwork for you
• Portfolio support agents to help create your investment portfolio
• Order desk agents to help you buy more precious metals and manage your portfolio

Augusta Precious Metals Offerings

The company offers the following precious metals options:


• American Eagles
• American Eagle Proofs
• Vienna Philharmonics
• Austrian Wiener Philharmonikas
• Canadian Maple Leafs
• American Buffalos
• Australian Kangaroos and Nuggets
• Credit and Pamp Suisse Bars


• American Eagles
• American Eagle Proofs
• Canadian Maple Leafs
• Australian Koalas

Fees You Pay with Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta considers the spot process of gold and silver when setting their rates. Whichever coins or bars you choose, you are sure to get the market prices. There are many factors that determine the price of gold – you can buy when the price is low or when it is high, depending on your timing.

According to Augusta, they are 100 percent transparent with their fees and charges. This comes in handy as some companies do not share this information. You can only invest with Augusta if your retirement account has at least $50,000. Even before you invest, they will show you all the fees payable.

The prices and fees are competitive. You will enjoy their free shipping and free shipping insurance, which makes their fees even more competitive.

Other fees that you will pay include:

• A one-time account set up fee of $50 that goes to Augusta
• A custodian maintenance fee of $100 annually
• A storage fee of $100 annually, paid to the depository

If you want to pay a one-off fee at the depository, you can enquire about that. This is ideal when you need to pay and forget. All the stones you buy go into an IRS-approved depository. The depositories are responsible for storing the physical metals.

Before the metals go into the depository, they go through a thorough verification process by NGC and PCGS grading companies. Again, the IRS has to approve all the metals you buy so that you know they are legit. The bullions and coins are available in different weights to match your needs. Augusta places them into packages that you can pick from.

Besides the fees above, the only way you can pay for your precious metals is if you withdraw from your IRA early. Early withdrawal leads to taxes and penalties. Talk to your Augusta agent before you withdraw from your IRA. However, if you bought your metals through the cash purchase option, you can withdraw anytime.

Who Can Invest with Augusta Precious Metals?

You can invest with Augusta Precious Metals if you have interests in physical silver and gold. Whether you want to grow your IRA investment, or you just need a form of investment that gives you great returns, you can invest with Augusta.

However, for you to invest, you need at least $50,000 in your IRA or 401k account. They will help you roll over your IRA into a gold IRA.

We find Augusta ideal for investors who are not sure whether precious metals are the right investment option for them. They focus on transparency and integrity, and they teach you everything you need to know about investment in precious metals.

There are vast educational materials to help potential customers make the right decision. You can study the materials before investing. Note that, your account is self-directed, and you make all the decisions regarding your account.

Augusta has several gold and silver products. They also have the relevant details on these products to help you make the right decision. By placing the precious metals into packages, they save a lot of time for the investors.

What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Stand Out?

The lifetime customer support and the transparency offered by Augusta Precious Metals set them apart. You can talk to a professional every time you need, and this makes the purchase process simple.

The services extend throughout the life of the account. Until you cash out your IRA or sell your gold, the company will always have an agent ready to answer your questions. Further, we also like the fact that their processes are straightforward and highly streamlined.

This will save you time and energy. You also do not have to do much when it comes to creating an account and rolling over your IRA as the agent assigned to you will do much of the work. All the teams, including the processing team and the analysts, are always ready to help you make the right decision.

Some of the other reasons Augusta rocks:

• Free webinars and conferences on precious metals investment
• ZERO BBB complaints
• Friendly support staff that put their clients’ needs first

Augusta Storage Options

You can choose from seven nongovernmental depositories in Canada and the U.S. All the depositories are IRS-approved, and they are in different parts of the two countries. You only need to pick one that is close to where you live. Once you pick the precious stones package of your choice, Augusta delivers the precious stones within 10 days.

There are facilities in each of the following cities:

• Los Angeles, California
• Jackson, Ohio
• Salt Lake City, Utah
• Newcastle, Delaware
• Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
• Wilmington, Delaware
• Springfield Gardens, New York

The facilities offer advanced security features and are open to visitors. Some of the features in these facilities include:

• Class 3 security gold vaults
• Advanced access controls and inventory controls
• Fortified structures to house the vaults
• Advanced technology security systems
• Meets all IRS and industry regulations
• Insured up to $1 billion with the Lloyds of London
• Creditors of the facilities do not have access to your precious metals

There are so many knowledgeable staff working in these facilities. The staff can help you learn more about the vaults and the safety of your gold. Note that, Augusta does not own any of the facilities as they are privately owned.

The facility will also charge an annual fee for the storage of your gold and silver. You can arrange a visit to see and touch your precious metals.

If you just want to invest in gold outside your IRA, Augusta will ship to your office or home in the U.S. However, your gold is not safe in your home as it attracts burglars. During transit, Augusta Precious Metals insures the gold so that you never have to worry about losing. They have never lost a package in transit.

What is on Augusta’s Website?

The Augusta website has been in use since 2017. It has a strong visual identity with easy-to-navigate content. When you open the website, you will see rich graphics with colors that show their commitment to stellar services.

The reason why this website matter is because the company offers most of its educational resources there. From the homepage, one of the things you will see are badges from some renowned brands such as CNBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Fox News. This shows that the company is renowned and trusted by big brands.

Their new website is mobile responsive, which means you can access almost everything accessible on PC via a mobile device. A few seconds after you open the website a pop-up appears prompting you to ask anything you need through the live chat feature. I tried this feature with a few questions and there was always someone on the other side of the chat.

Some of the things you can access from the website include:

The Knowledge Center

The knowledge center is the most advanced educational resource on the website. If you love reading or watching videos instead of having someone explain to you one-on-one, you can go to the Knowledge Center.

Here, you will find:

• Precious Stones market news
• A video library
• Some bad reasons why people invest in gold
• Why you should own gold
• Why you should own silver
• Investment diversification
• Inflation hedge
• The role of precious metals during a financial crisis

All these guides were created to help you get started and keep going. If there is something you do not see on the guides, and you need to learn, you can ask the professionals waiting to help you from the live chat feature.

Tools and Resources

If you want to learn more about precious metals and track their growth in value, Augusta presents you with tools to help you do that. Through these tools, you can calculate how much your investment is worth after a few years. You can also see projections on precious metal prices.

The tools in your access include:

• Precious metals kit
• Precious metals price chart
• RMD Calculator
• Risk disclosures

You can also check the FAQs page or attend the free precious metals webinar where you can learn more about investing in gold and silver.

Besides the above resources, you can learn more about the company, its management, and its process from the website. There is everything you need to learn about Augusta and about investing in gold and silver from the company website. We like that it is easy to navigate, and you will find anything you want fast.

If there is something you cannot locate on the website, write a message on the free chat feature at the bottom left of the screen. You can also call the provided phone number.

What Do Consumers Say About Augusta Precious Metals?

I scoured the internet before writing this review. I wanted to see what consumers have experienced with Augusta. Unsurprisingly, the company doesn’t have any negative reviews from investors.

On BBB, the company has an A+ rating, which is the best possible. From the consumer reviews, the company has a rating of 4.97 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. It is also accredited since 2015.

On BCA, the company has a rating of AAA, which (again) is the highest possible. Consumers have only good things to say about Augusta. There are zero (0) complaints on BBB, BCA, and the Complaint Board.

On Yelp, TrustLink, and Facebook, the business has an impeccable record. Consumers do not have anything to complain about. The only thing I saw that they may need to improve on is that they do not offer platinum and palladium precious metal options.

Final Thoughts

If you want a transparent company that is always there for you when you need help, then Augusta Precious Metals may be ideal for you. They have a simple process, competitive fees, and they are always there to help you. To get started with them you’ll need to have at least $50,000 in your IRA or 401k account.

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