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Bitsgap Overview

Bitsgap is an all-in-one powerful platform for you to connect all your crypto exchanges accounts online in one secured place. There are over 25 major leading exchanges on the market such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken, to name a few. Each exchange has service coverage features for virtual trading or the use of automated bots, phenomenal technology tools that do all the work for you.

There are many trading bots available online, but we at TheHobbyistInvestor like Bitsgap because of their easy-to use low learning-curve interface. It’s easy for beginners to get started and feature-rich for the seasoned trader. Why do we think Bitsgap is a great platform?

    • Access to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.
    • Fully encrypted security protocols to protect your data and personal information.
    • Automated systems to track price movements as the market fluctuates.
    • Advanced trading tools combined with technical indicators.
    • Grid trading strategy created specifically for the cryptocurrency market.
    • Bots on many crypto-trading exchanges.
    • Features to help you trade more efficiently.
    • Low costs of entry.

I hope that this full review of the Bitsgap platform will help you get a feel for the various tools available. Get ready for an informative ride of discovery of how Bitsgap can become your ally in your cryptocurrency journey.

Bitsgap Features – a quick review of tools on the platform

Bitsgap features include six major tools on its platform:

    • Trading Terminal
    • Automated Bot
    • Signals
    • Arbitrage
    • Portfolio
    • Demo

Trading terminal is a tool featured on the Bitsgap platform for efficient trading. Bitsgap does not charge trading fees, only a subscription to use their platform. Bonus features of the trading tool includes supportive charts, indicators, smart drawing tools, and day and night modes. You can create, change, or cancel your orders directly from the chart and use over 50 smart drawing tools for charting.

Smart trade, stop-limit, and shadow orders are important tools in trading for fund protection. Smart trade orders protect traders by utilizing stop-loss and take-profit settings instantaneously. The placement of shadow orders take place once the price reaches the trader’s goal.

Stop-limit orders execute a specific price after reaching a given stop price. This order becomes a limit order once reaching the desired price. It allows the trader to buy or sell at a limited or better price based on the market conditions.

Automated Bot is a robotic system that works for you when you are away from your computer. It tracks the daily fluctuations of the present market and automatically sets orders for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Connect your exchanges and the system works 24 hours daily. It monitors the performance of bots in Live, Demo, or Backtest modes.

Features of bots:

    • Smart technology design for creating bot trading strategies.
    • Backtesting before selecting crypto pairs.
    • Customed strategies.

Cryptocurrency trading signals are algorithms for analyzing thousands of crypto pairs per second. A trader may use signals for guestimating profitable opportunities with the possible upward trends.

Use the filter feature for prospects based on exchanges, time of detection, and the strength of signals. The major spec is a trading interface for executing signals and setting stop-loss and take-profit orders.

Arbitrage is a featured tool for tracking profits on the market to exploit price differentials between the integrated crypto trading exchanges. It is easy to profit using an automated powered system with artificial intelligence technology to make trades.

Bitsgap’s arbitrage tool offers you the opportunity to choose between cryptos and other strategies. Any profit gained from a cryptocurrency trade includes the deduction of any applicable fees associated with the transaction. Just one click to launch the arbitrage tool is as simple as it gets on the Bitsgap platform.

Portfolio Manager is a very important feature on Bitsgap that imports and tracks information from your crypto exchanges into a portfolio. The portfolio manager is free and automatic in a simple dashboard. It includes the following features:

    • Display all crypto assets information in one place for quick and easy management.
    • View account with real time balances.
    • Free for use without any limitations.
    • View performance of your crypto trades.

Bitsgap Demo is a free account for you to gain experience on constant updated data using demo funds. Explore trading with no risks of losing your own money. Test how effective your strategies are while getting acquaint with using the Bitsgap platform.

The demo tool allows you to trade with five BTC virtual funds on five of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Before trading on the site, you can practice to get more experience before moving into live mode with real assets. With the mobile web version, newbies to the site can test strategies anywhere and anytime.

Why Automations? The Benefits of Grid trading bots

Automation of grid trading bots is a great way to trade in that it works non-stop and according to strategies you set. It is a great tool for beginner crypto traders to use in that the learning curve is relatively low.

What makes grid trading with bots great? We like it because:

    • Easy trading approach for entry-level traders who are not very familiar with advanced strategies.
    • Convenience of automation for seasoned traders.

Backtesting May Provide Insights Before Moving Forward

The Backtesting tool on Bitsgap is a general method to see how well a strategy will be when implemented on a crypto trade. It accesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data.

A trader can mimic a trading strategy to generate results, analyze risk, and assess feasability without risking real assets.

Suggested Strategies (Coin Pair Suggestions)

Cryptocurrency trading pairs are assets you trade for each other on an exchange. An example is the Bitcoin/Litecoin pair or the Ethereum/Bitcoin Cash pair. Basically, the left side coin is the coin you’re investing in and the right side coin is the coin you’re using as monetary unit to trade with. When you make a puchase, you “get” the left side coin and spend the right side coin. When you sell, you release the left coin and gain the right coin. Simple, right?

Bitsgaps offers “Strategies” by listing the biggest movers in crypto pairs. This does not, however, indicate that they are good investments. You should always do a backtest even with the most attractive strategy suggestions on the platform.

Bitsgap Pros & Cons


      • User-friendly software, making the site easy to navigate with a low learning curve.
      • The Dashboard is logically sectioned out to easily read and decipher.
      • Trading bots automation.
      • Signals on Market Dashboard
      • Fourteen-day free trial with no credit card requirement.
      • Open small budget account and receive a “bonus”, whatever that may be at the time of your sign up.


      • Limited trading robotic features.
      • Monthly subscription fee after the free trial.

What Makes Bitsgap Better Than Its Competitors

    • All-in-one, powerful trading platform with multiple tools.
    • Industry-standard services, so you’re not missing out on anything.
    • Advanced, customized trading charts.
    • Automated trading bots.
    • Access to over 25 exchanges all in one place.
    • Proven, effective Backtest strategies using automated bots.

Bitsgap exceed its competitors in ease of use, features, specs, and built-in tools. The platform also offers 2FA login security, as should all crypto platofrms.

Why You Need Bitsgap

Bitsgap can be your best ally for trading, monitoring, and carrying out crypto transactions. The platform is filled with tools and features for both beginner and advanced users alike. If you’re new to crypto, you can get your feet wet in crypto trading just using DEMO mode alone and never risk a penny.

And when you feel ready to dive in, upgrade your account to get full features of the platform. Trading bots make monitoring and carrying out predefined transactions easy by automating the tasks so you don’t have to sit there and stare at the screen all day.

The algorithm will automatically set orders for buy or sell when the opportunity presents itself. Your goal is to make a profit using Bitsgap’s built-in tools in the bot, not make more work for yourself.

Try Bitsgap today using a 14-day free demo trial, then launch your first trading bot in demo mode on the all-in-one platform to get familiar with the site.

If you use our link to sign up for an account, you’ll be getting your 14 days trial with PRO features (as opposed to the BASIC features from most links you’ll find online). Why do we say this? Because it’s true, not just because we get a small affiliate credit.

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