Protect your savings from inflation with gold investments

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Gold Investment Company Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Review

Augusta Precious Metals is a family-owned business that deals with gold and silver IRAs. The company started after the financial struggles of 2008 and beyond as a way to offer people a more stable investment option.


Goldco has one of the lowest fees around and they’re easy to work with. With an A+ BBB rating as well as thousands of positive reviews, they’ve become one of the most trusted precious metals companies in America.

Birch Gold Review

Birch Gold Group is America’s leading precious metals investment companies. They’re a trusted and easy to work with company who can help you navigate the gold investment opportunities available to you.

Noble Gold Investments logo

Noble Gold is a reliable precious metals company offering physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They provide a diverse range of precious metal products, secure storage options, and transparent fees.

American Hartford Gold Group Logo

American Hartford Gold Group is among the fastest-growing financial services companies in the country. See how they help their clients get started with investments in the precious metal industry.

If you’re new to investing in gold and silver, read our investment guide to learn more about investing in precious metals, read our 401k to Gold IRA Rollover Guide

Why you should invest in Silver & Gold Coins & Bars

Safe Investment

Gold and silver have been used as currencies for centuries, and they continue to be popular investments today. While the stock market is always fluctuating, gold and silver prices tend to remain relatively stable. This makes them a safe investment option for those who want to protect their money from inflation or economic downturns.

In Demand

There is always a market for gold and silver, so you can easily sell your investment if you ever need to.

Diversified Investment

Investing in gold and silver is a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth. If you’re looking for a safe investment option, gold and silver coins and bars are a great choice.

Tangible Asset

Gold and silver are also popular because they are tangible assets. You can physically hold onto your investment, which some people find to be more comforting than investing in stocks or other intangible assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gold a good investment in 2023?

The value of gold is a more stable investment, because it is a precious metal with high demand and low supply. Whether you’re looking for a long term investment or to collect, gold is a great option to help diversify your wealth assets.

What is the lowest amount I can invest in to get started?

The entry fee to start investing in gold, such as buying gold bars and gold coins, will vary with each company. Read our review articles to see what their lowest starting amount is and go from there.

When is the best time to buy gold?

While it goes without saying that you would want to buy gold at its lowest price. However, may be difficult to predict when the price of gold will drop. There are indications that you can look for to help make such decisions. Gold prices tend to go up as the stock market takes a downturn. This is because as stock values decrease, investors are looking at gold as a more stable asset.

Where can I buy gold?

Gold is available through various sources, both locally and online. A great place to start would be local gold dealers. However, make sure you do your homework and know who you are dealing with.

Gold can also be purchased through online brokers and gold investment companies, such as those we have reviewed on this site.

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