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Birch Gold Group Review


Birch Gold Group is a leading precious metals dealer in the US. This company has been up and running since 2003 and has served over 10,000 customers since its foundation.

Their experienced and dynamic team have former financial advisors, wealth managers, and commodity brokers. This team is fully equipped to help you diversify your investment portfolio with precious metals like gold, platinum, palladium, and silver.

Birch Gold headquarters are located in the Golden State of California, close to the Warner Bros. Studios. They serve all sorts of American clients across all 50 states. The professionals in the Birch Gold team have worked in top companies as IBM, Citigroup, and Dun & Bradstreet.

If you need a company that will help you transfer your 401k plan(s), mutual funds, and/or other tax-deferred RAs to precious metal IRAs, this is one of the best precious-metal commerce options in the market today.

Birch Gold Products and Services

The services offered here are similar to those provided by other firms. However, this company’s execution is quite unique and customer-oriented. And, their values, which include customer empowerment, empathy, education, efficiency, and transparency, make their service delivery stand out from other firms.

Below are the products and services currently offered:

1. Precious metals

You can diversify your portfolio using the tangible precious metals. The options you have include gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. The gold and silver options are more prevalent and have more options in this company than platinum and palladium bullions. However, this is the case with most other precious metals IRA companies.

Generally, gold and silver are more common than platinum. In fact, if you were to collect all the platinum that has ever been mined, it wouldn’t fill a single room. For example, by 2013, the total quantity of platinum ever mined was 9400; whereas, throughout history, a total of 197,576 tons of gold have been mined.

However, palladium is even rarer than platinum. As a result, palladium is pricier than all the other precious metal options available. Palladium derives its value from industrial usage, unlike silver and gold, which get theirs from commercial use.

Below is a breakdown of the products available at present.


The gold options available include the American Buffalo, American Gold Eagle (bullion), American Gold Eagle (proof), Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Gold Bars and Rounds, Gold Gyrfalcon, Gold Indian Head Eagle, Gold Polar Bear and Cub, Gold Rose Crown Guinea, Gold Twin Maples, Liberty Head (Coronet Head) collection, Liberty Head Double Eagle ($20), Saint-Gaudens double eagle ($20), South African Krugerrand, and Valcambi CombiBars.


Birch Gold silver options include America the Beautiful Silver Series, American Silver Eagle (bullion), American Silver Eagle (proof), Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Morgan Silver Dollar, Peace Silver Dollar, Silver Bars and Round, Silver Gyrfalcon, Silver Polar Bear and Cub, Silver Rose Crown Guinea, Silver Twin Maples, and Walking Liberty Half Dollar.


They also have the following silver options: American Platinum Eagle and Platinum Bars and Rounds.


The palladium options include the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf and Palladium Bars and Rounds.

2. Storage Services

Birch Gold works with some of the best depositories in the world, including Brink’s Global Services and Delaware Depository. These depositories provide safe and legal storage services for your precious metals.

If you choose this company for your Self-directed IRA service provision, you get the chance to pick any of the custodians they offer. The custodian you choose will shoulder the responsibility of managing your account. You can rest assured the custodian you choose will provide excellent services because they are all approved by the IRS.

One of the advantages of having an IRS-approved, independent custodian is handle paperwork, audits, and regulatory oversight for you. Therefore, you can dispel worrying about missing paperwork or faulty audits.

Besides, the custodian you choose also ensures your precious metals get stored in a state-of-the-art depository facility. The depository’s responsibility is to make sure your precious metals are safe and secure.

Below is a brief overview of the two depositories through Birch Gold:

• Brink’s Global Services

Brink’s Global Services is a leading service provider that provides a variety of secure logistics worldwide. This company is infamous for its ubiquitous armored vehicles and 1000+ reputable global facilities.

One of the best services provided by Brink’s is precious metals storage. This company offers this service to a vast array of clients, including jewelers, governments, and banks. Their impressive list of clients is one proof of the quality of service provided by Brink’s Global Services.

Brink’s has several locations that you can choose for the storage of your precious metals. Their depositories are in New York City, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City. Apart from the popular armored trucks that this company uses for transportation, you also get guaranteed safety whenever your precious metals get transported via air or sea.

This company has a capable team that provides excellent customer services. Plus, Brink’s takes full liability when either storing or transporting any of your assets.

• Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository has been a player in the precious metals industry for 200+ years. Their vast combined experience guarantees you exemplary customer service from seasoned experts.

Therefore, you can expect to be served by a team that is always trying to identify potential problems and find solutions, at par with new developments in this industry, and is aware of the offers that are likely to suit your needs.

One aspect of the Delaware Depository that makes it a popular option is its extensive insurance policy. All assets under their management are covered by an all-inclusive $1billion, and each package gets transit insurance of $100,000. Therefore, your precious metals are always safe with this company, even during transportation.

This company offers you two storage facilities you can choose from if you opt for their services. Their first facility is in Seal Beach, California, and the other is in Wilmington, Delaware. Both of these facilities have state-of-the-art security rigorous fortification.

This depository also takes full responsibility for all outgoing, incoming, and in-storage metals. They do this without adding these assets to the company’s balance sheet, therefore, guaranteeing independence between your precious metals and their account.

Apart from providing exemplary security and insurance policies, Delaware Depository is licensed by the CME group. It is also fully equipped to handle all four precious metals being offered.

Customer reviews

Most of their customers give this company a high ranking and tout it’s excellent customer services.

As of this writing, some of the company’s ratings on various platforms include:

• 4.8/5 stars on from 114 votes
• 4.9/5 stars from 126 reviews on TrustLink
• AAA rating on Business Consumer Alliance
• A+ rating on Better Business Bureau
• 4.8/5 stars on Trustpilot based on 106 reviews

Most customers also commend this company for its trustworthiness and transparency.

Customers were delighted with the assistance they got when rolling over their 401k retirement plans in this company. And, the level of support they got afterward wasn’t even slightly compromised.

What makes Birch Gold Group Unique?

There are various aspects that make this company unique. Some of these aspects include:

• Impressive endorsements

They have received numerous endorsements from such enigmas as Steve Bannon, Ben Shapiro, and Newt Gingrich. Ben Shapiro has been working with this company since 2016 to inform Americans on the essence of tangible precious metals in the diversification and protection of savings.

• Reliable news source

If you may be considering diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals, you need a platform that provides regular political and economic updates. These updates will tell you how precious metals are performing in the market.

Mainstream news media is a common provider of updates. However, it is barely enough. In fact, most experienced investors will tell you that news media doesn’t always provide accurate information.

They provide regular, trustable insights from reputable specialists. The information this company avails is crucial in your future precious metals decision-making endeavors. This company has also been building an internet knowledge base with numerous experts in the precious metals industry.

• Initiatives

Since this company’s establishment, its team has been publishing fact-checked breaking news and educational articles aimed at helping their clients understand the context of this industry and future likely trends. However, recently, they have added two new initiatives: Leading Endorsements and Expert Insights, shared.

Leading endorsements incorporates the contribution of influencers like Ben Shapiro. Expert insights, shared covers the addition of new authors who offer their opinion and professional insight regarding market trends and economic events.

The purpose of these new initiatives is cutting out background noise, connecting with established players in this industry, and focusing on building a reliably solid understanding of politics and economics.

On top of all these, they also invest considerable effort in reducing the potential effect of fabricated news. They do this by incorporating numerous unique perspectives from a wide range of voices. These perspectives help you understand the trends in the precious metals industry.

• Community support

Birch Gold plays its part in the greater community by giving back. They, for example, cater to veterans, service members, and their families by availing informational guides designed to help these groups make sound retirement plans and pay healthcare costs.

The local community has also benefited immensely from the company’s generosity. For example, this company donated to Valley Community during the COVID19 pandemic outbreak.

• Reputation

The company is one of the most reputable in the precious metals industry. They have stood out from their peers due to: trustworthy qualities, good customer service, and transparency. Their track record and customer reviews bear witness to this company’s reputation.

• Values

Various values govern the group’s service delivery system. The company believes in providing knowledge to empower customers through these standards.

Their values are:

I. Customer empowerment
II. Educational
III. Empathy
IV. Ethical
V. Efficiency
VI. Transparency

• Experienced Specialists

As we mentioned before, the company employs former commodities brokers, financial advisors, wealth managers, etc. on its team of experts. That means their team is diverse and has a wide range of collective experience.

• Buy-back program

Birch Gold offers buy-back services if you want to sell your precious metals. Their competitive prices are congruent with the market trends.

Features of Birch Gold Group

Outstanding features include:

1. Free info kit

This company has a free 2021 information kit available for all its prospective clients. This kit’s design helps you understand the importance of precious metals in diversifying your investment portfolio.

2. A website that is user-friendly

Birch Gold has a website that is easy to navigate, which makes it one of the best investment companies in the world today. You can access this company’s website from a mobile device or computer anywhere on the globe.

The company’s website is rich with information regarding the available services, guides, and offers. The information included is in bite-size chunks so anyone, including newbies to IRAs, can understand easily. This website has the following educative topics:

• Why Precious Metals
• How to Purchase
• Free 2021 Info Kit
• Interactive Prices
• Interviews
• Physical vs “Paper” Gold
• Your Financial Advisor and Gold
• Spotlight on Proof American Eagles

You can also find updated, informative articles that may help you understand precious metals better on their website.

3. Versatile services

Birch Gold has expert representatives and partners that are always ready to assist you as their client. You don’t have to worry about the process of setting up an account or transferring assets from an already-established eligible account; the company’s team will help you through it all.

4. Interactive price chart

The company’s website has an interactive price chart section that can benefit you as an amateur investor or veteran. This interactive price chart lets you know how precious metals are performing so you may make sound investment decisions.

Is Birch Gold Group a Good Fit for You?

If you are interested in Birch Gold, you ought to know whether it’s a good fit for your investment needs. This company is a good choice for you if:

    • You are interested in learning more about investing in tangible precious metals and how it relates to your specific current and future goals. You must choose a company that help to educate you towards a better decision.
    • You want to diversify your investment portfolio using precious metals. This is an essential hack, especially in political upheaval or uncertain economic times. You can use precious metals to hedge against inflation, and Birch Gold ranks among the best precious metals companies.
    • You want professional assistance dealing with depositories, custodians, and other vital details. Birch Gold is a trustable company that will allocate specialists to help you deal with all issues concerning your investment.

In a nutshell, this company is best for retirees, young investors, and headline traders.

Why Choose Birch Gold Group

The company has three core values that guide its team in service provision. These values are one of the main reasons this company is a leader in the precious metals industry. They include:

• Knowledge

They are dedicated to educating clients on the advantages of diversifying investment portfolios using precious metals. They accomplish this by guiding you, their client, through the investment options they have and how suitable they are for your investment goals.

The experts there also ensure you are aware of all the potential benefits and risks that come with each precious metal available. You also get comprehensive information regarding common investment schemes and scams.

The specialists in this company get charged with the responsibility of ensuring you are thoroughly educated. However, you can also expand your knowledge base by tapping into the company website’s frequent website.

• 1-on-1 Care

Unlike most precious metal firms, the compant lays great emphasis on quality customer support service, not just increasing sales. All their services get centered on this core value without exception.

To prove this, you get matched with a specialist in precious metals as soon as you become a client of Birch Gold. Your specialist will strive to understand you, your goals, and your needs from the very start. The specialist assigned for you will serve you as long as you are a client their client. That builds trust and continuity over time.

• Trust

The diversification of your portfolio may be important, but it will only prove beneficial when you get the right precious metals company. Their team understands trust is earned, and they go the extra mile to ensure they have earned and retained your trust.

Judging from the feedback that this company has received, their clients have 100% trust its services. They also guarantee you can trust the security they put behind your precious metals. With this in mind, you can rest assured your assets are safe in the good hands.

Pros and Cons of Birch Gold Group


• Various precious metals available
• Trustable services
• Exemplary customer care services
• Dedicated to customer education
• Impressive customer reviews and rating
• Endorsed by reputable professionals and organizations


• Only supports American deposits
• Account setup includes a few hidden costs

Is Birch Gold Group Safe and Legitimate?

The legitimacy of Birch Gold Group is proven by the positive reviews this company has on various platforms and the endorsements it has received from professionals.

And, when you consider safety, this company uses Equity Trust for custodian services. Plus, their depositories are reputable companies such as Brink’s Global Services and Delaware Depository.

Final Thoughts

Precious metals may be the best option for diversifying your investment portfolio. However, you can get the most out of portfolio diversification if you pick a reputable gold IRA company. Birch Gold is a leading Gold IRA firm that is dedicated to helping you reach your investment goals using precious metals.

This company has good customer reviews and feedback, excellent customer service, and various precious metal options you can choose from. We highly recommend you check out their services.

Birch Gold IRA 401k Info Kit
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